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So what should collectors do to protect their minerals from UV illumination?
If you see additional items you want, then submit subsequent orders the same way.
Especially information about fluorescing minerals.And when describing the specimens for this web site, every flaw is mentioned in order to prevent returns.Whether in inches or centimeters or millimeters, you must still get out a ruler and visualize the sizes using the scale.12/3/2002 Many dealers sell mineral specimens without thoroughly investigating the accuracy of the localities listed.Ml Forex"s for New Zealand Dollar.My diamond supplier flowtoys coupon code visited this week and pointed out that they were actually from Brazil.It is comparable to when an artist dies and his paintings go up in value.They asked: Which of these are the best to use to ensure best blockage/reduction of EMF waves/radiation from microwaves, computers and cellphones (computers/cell phones particularly).The nature of the internet is essentially a non-negotiable marketplace.

This is one more example why it is important to keep good records of the minerals in your collection.
But I do not trust customer's packing.
That is actually a high percentage of inexpensive specimens.
In AOL: Click on "My Aol" Click on "Preferences" Click on "WWW" Under "Temporary Internet Files" click on "Delete Files" Exit the menu and reload the web page.
They are afraid to unsubscribe.9/20/00 When I buy minerals for resale or go collecting in the field I always ask, "Would I put this specimen in my personal collection?" If the answer is no, then the specimen is left for the next person.It was not posted as a fake - it was an error.Hit send as soon as you fill in the first item number.Soon the only source of New Jersey zeolites will be old collections.If a dealer offered to buy it all, I would sell.Storing such a mineral in a glass vial is one solution, if the mineral is for reference only.Selling minerals via the Internet is much more efficient.What's the point of such lists if they cannot be trusted to be complete?7/19/05 Last week a new visitor to this site inquired about a phrase used to describe a mineral specimen: "No external damage".