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Top Kirbys are Flying High!
I was going to ask him to feature me and my new poetry book Delights of the Mind in his newspaper,Bracknell News, as I am a local new poet and need all the press exposure possible for my new book.
John account sweeping fo Corne Andrew, You have had Thames Water on several times to talk about the lack of water.
ARE near peppard AT THE rear OF THE OLD borough court hospital.
Rose Basingstoke Hi Andrew tellIan Wright to shut up about his boy, we all think our kids are the best, his time will come.Andy Hobbs circus - I went to Billy Smart's Circus at Newbury on Saturday afternoon and ended up IN the circus.Some memories burn brighter than others.Don't miss out on this amazing offer.My husband is on permanent medication and this will have a massive impact.They use 12 times more power than a conventional AM /FM radio.Kevin started chemotherapy in the September and he went to his last match on 19th November.Having watched the irritating Trash to Cash program, I came up with the idea of not just having a house sale but having a street sale.

Roberta Brown, dear Andrew, Reading Buses are a joke.
Your lives have gone full circle, into your lives come your new arrival, enjoy the pleasures mag shop promo code 2015 he gives you they are speacial and for a lifetime of memories.
I drove by the site yesterday and was appalled by the amount of rubbish all over the field.They keep on receiving an automated phonecall supposedly from Lloyds Bank saying there is a security message for them and they should press 9 to continue.Jeff Why do we have Radio Berks reporters in America?I hope you can air at least some of these points on tomorrow's programme.Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.I hardly said, 'thank you' to him.