what is the meaning of sweep down

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New York: McGraw Hill, 1997,.
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The British designed a range of swept-wing bombers, the Vickers Valiant (1951 the Avro Vulcan (1952) and the Handley Page Victor (1952).Barrer Varios desechos de bosch brake lube contest la calle eran barridos por el viento.Sears, William Rees, Stories form a 20th-Century Life, Parabolic Press, Inc., Stanford California, 1994.Jones : "Suppose a cylindrical wing (constant chord, incidence, etc.) is placed in an airstream at an angle of yaw.e., it is swept back.

Sweep sth away, sweep away sth vtr adv (clear, destroy) barrer con vtr prep The floodwaters swept away several trees.
World War I, and was conceived as a means of permitting the design of safe, stable, and tailless flying wings.
Weissinger theory describes the distribution of lift for a swept wing, but does not have the capability to include chordwise pressure distribution.
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