want to give away a cat

Now, however, looking back with the wisdom of 15 years of life experience, I realize that it was shortsighted of me to make this declaration and be so quick to judge.
I started dating again and it turned out that the one person that I hit it off with had a severe cat allergy.
Keep My Cat Or My Boyfriend Who Has a Cat Allergy?You simply dont give away family members.It cost more than 500 a hefty price when there were already so many expenses with a new baby.When things started to get serious, I started wondering what to do about Furball.While we need to respect those owners who have come to the decision that they can no longer care for their pet, many are just in enter to win a garth vegas vacation need of some good advice and support.".After my son was born, I got the shock of my life."Many cat owners have found ways to preserve the bond with their pet without compromising the quality of life for themselves or their cats.".Share your story in the comments!So what are the reasons a cat owner winds up surrendering a beloved pet?Was it really good for the cat to be held at arms length by one member of the family or to be shut out of most rooms in the home?As a result, I was a walking zombie, and Im also super cranky when sleep-deprived.There had to be a solution.

Was it fair to let my boyfriend suffer from horrible allergies?
I thought that anyone who gave up her cat was a horrible person and taking the easy way out.
His cat had the same behavioral issues when it came to food.
As my ability to nurture others and myself grew, I knew I was ready to have a baby.
Thats because Ive seriously considered giving away my cat twice.Sure, a cats not a person, but a high-maintenance cat can require a lot of care and love.The good news is that progressive shelters are making tremendous leaps forward when it comes to re-homing pets in need.Learn more about your cat with Catster: About Holly Tse: Holly Tse is a green cat expert, author.And what about me?"Most people who make the decision to relinquish a pet are heartbroken and truly want to do whats best for their animal he says.