transfer ebay gift card balance to paypal

The terms now indicate that a partially-used eBay gift card is tied to the eBay account with which it was first used, a change from the old terms which spoke of the card being tied to the Paypal account.
Gift cards for sale in the market place of Plastic Jungle are offered from between 5 and 35 percent off their redeemable value.
Of all cheap womens clothing online the potential holiday gifts, few are as foolproof as cash or gift cards.
In fact, retailers count on the fact that a certain percentage of the dollars placed on gift cards wont be used, which allows them to pocket easy profits.Once you sell a gift card back to a card-buying/card-selling site, your cast off will be available for purchase by any other interested visitors seeking to get 50 of merchandise for.Other changes include a 1,000 limit per transaction and no more 4-hour wait until the gift card is ready-for-use. These screenshots are from an iPhone, but the process should be the same with Android and Windows 7 phones (use the left and right arrow keys to view all images).Here are the steps to show you how to find and use your Ebay gift cards from the Ebay smartphone app.Donate it to Charity.

Or people use.45 of a 100 gift card at the Gap, and then neglect to use the remaining.55.
Sites like, plastic Jungle will let you use the balance on your card to make a charitable donation (that is also tax deductible, so its a win-win).
No more waiting until gift card is ready-to-use.
I just discovered this change not sure if its been there the whole time along with the other changes or not.
Gift Card Granny scans through all the major card buying and selling sites to find out where will give you the best bang for your buck, so take a look there first before you commit.Limit of 1k in gift cards per transaction.Turn plastic into cash.Chances are, youll be on the receiving end this holiday season, with 81 percent of shoppers planning to buy at least one gift card, according to the.They often end up stuffed in the back of a wallet and forgotten about.