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The Long Island newspaper, newsday refers to her as a " mentalism performer".
"Susan Gerbic: Vampire Slayer".
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A b Kondolojy, Amanda (April 22, 2014).
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19 Main Recurring Victoria Caputo 20 Episodes edit Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale 1 9 September 25, 2011 November 6, 2011 2 14 March 25, 2012 May 6, 2012 3 17 September 9, 2012 November 4, 2012 4 30 May 12, 2013 December 22, 2013 5 18 March 9, 2014 May 18, 2014 6 15 August 3, 2014 October 12, 2014 7 14 March 8, 2015 May 3, 2015 8 14 January 3, 2016 .
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