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The problem with this argument is that while the haredim do not deny that Israel requires a military force to survive, the seculars dont believe what is upc code for rebate that religious studies and prayer contribute anything to Israels security.
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Over the years the haredim have recognized the secular/national-religious state de yes magazine writing contest facto but not de jure.The courts rulings dealt with three petitions submitted in 2014, during the term of Netanyahus previous coalition, and one in 2015, after the formation of Netanyahus current government.(The story of the Sephardi haredim is different.) What most of the haredim refuse to accept is that mandatory military service applies to them as well, claiming that by being engaged in religious studies in the yeshivot, and through prayer, their young men fulfill.Furthermore, the national religious offer an alternative model which combines religious studies and prayers with military service, while encouraging religious women to do alternative national service (in recent years a growing number of national religious women volunteer for military service, much to the chagrin.Ajani Unyielding - Foil - Prerelease Promo.10.Last Wednesday the High Court of Justice added another wave to its tsunami of rulings on fundamental constitutional issues.What does the recent court ruling contribute to unraveling this Gordian knot?

I say almost, because on principle the haredim themselves have never been party to any of the petitions, and refrain from explaining their position directly to the court.
It is unacceptable because it is in breach of the principle of equality, since it enables the haredim to shirk military service, which is mandatory in Israel, by means of all sorts of convoluted regulatory tricks, that are allegedly designed to bring about a gradual.
As to the secular population, the majority view the haredi position on this issue as part of the refusal by the haredim to share in the responsibility for the security and well-being of the state, while not being averse to accepting wide-scale unique centerpiece giveaway games state-financed benefits.
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