tax refund scam 60 minutes

If a scammer files using your identity (basically your Social Security number) you may not find out until you file your return, only to have the IRS reject.
He says Florida is a big source of much of this fraud due to its heavy incidence of ID theft, with Miami leading all metropolitan areas in ID theft complaints.
Don't you think something can be done in the next two years to fix this?Steve Kroft: Forty percent of the time?Attorney check voucher template excel free download General Eric Holder, has had his identity stolen in an IRS refund scam.Instead the scam has gone viral, tripling in the past three years.They may be scams to steal your personal information.Steve Kroft: Almost impossible to trace, right?It was easy says Corey Williams, convicted of the scam recently.This national awareness campaign encourages Americans to take action to prevent criminals defrauding the government and delaying legitimate tax refunds to honest taxpayers.The vast number of fraudulent tax returns was something that I don't think the IRS ever really was ready for.

Gov for more information raffle ticket basket ideas and to be wary of these dozen tax scams.".
IRS Criminal Investigation works closely with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to shutdown scams and prosecute the criminals behind them.
Steve Kroft: So you had a home office?
The extra funding must be spent on improving customer service, cracking down on identity theft, and increasing cybersecurity.
You would just approach them and tell them, if they discount backpacks canada get you 100 names, you would give them 1,000.Choosing a Tax Professional page.If you have come to rely on this pattern, consider changing.Wifredo Ferrer: We have very sophisticated and good criminals, Steve, who know how to, you know, defeat the system.Together, they run a federal task force operating at the epicenter of largest tax scam in the country.They will eventually be reimbursed but it can involve massive amounts of paperwork, multiple visits to the office, and months and months of waiting.A number of fixes are under consideration, some of them obvious, including delaying the payment of refund checks until they can be matched up with W-2 forms filed by employers.It's the biggest tax scam around now.