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119 The target of coupon codes for free pizza 50,000 electric cars on Norwegian roads was reached on, more than two years earlier than expected.
Vehicles manufactured by that manufacturer are not eligible for a credit if acquired after the phase-out period.
All incentives for new purchases with or without trading were applicable in Japan's fiscal year 2009, from April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010.
132 For hybrid vehicles, with or without plug-in capabilities, a 550 grant is offered, plus an additional 160 grant for hybrid vehicles emitting under 100g/km of CO2.The incentives include direct subsidies for the acquisition of new electric cars for up to 25 of the purchase price, before tax, to a maximum of 6,000 per vehicle (US8,600 and 25 of the gross purchase price of other electric vehicles such as buses and."Stimulanser för miljöbilar" Incentives for green cars (in Swedish)."Transport: Electric sig sauer military discount 2012 vehicles - European commission".109 111 Government officials reserved in 1999 the "EL" prefix for exclusive use of all-electric vehicles in order to be able to enforce on the road the benefits available to EVs.The government expects to bring 2,000 plug-in vehicles into the provincial fleet over the same time.

33 38 The registration tax in Denmark is based on the vehicle's purchase price, and was set at 105 if the vehicle price is up to DKK 79,000 (around US13,250) and 180 if the price is above DKK79,000.
134 In 2016, the "Rabla Plus" program offered a government grant of 5,000 for the purchase of a new electric car.
A b c "Prämie für E-Autos beschlossenWie komme ich jetzt an den Bonus?" Premium For Electric Cars Decided, how do I get to the bonus?The exemption for the first five years of ownership from the annual circulation tax is still in place.29 30 Monaco edit Buyers of electric vehicles and plug in hybrids are eligible to receive 9,000 (around US12,600) from the Monegasque Government.25 The government subsidy has in place a one-time purchase subsidy for electric cars.A b c d makeup revolution discount code january 2015 "UK Government Announces 5,000 Grants Towards Purchase of Electric Drive Vehicles and First "Plugged-in Places".Retrieved 13 September 2011.Until July 31, 2012, a premium up to 5,000, under the bonus-malus system, was granted for the purchase of new cars with CO2 emissions of 60 g/km or less which benefited all-electric cars and any plug-in hybrid with such low emissions.The Tesla Roadster was available in the UK but not included on the government's plug-in electric car grant list of eligible vehicles.196 Moreover, the transport sector in Mexico represents.7 of the total final consumption of energy, 197 almost 17 more than the world average (28).To claim the subsidy, manufacturers need to certify that 30 of the components were made in India.