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19, 20 21 - unidentified wrecks Widely scattered material of limited interest to the average diver Depths vary to a maximum of 29 happy feet soccer promo code m (90 ft) 22 - THE caves Depth: The submerged grotto entrance is chromecast promo code uk at 6 m (20 ft) Located along the Georgian.
The schooner gives a good depiction of what a typical Great Lakes schooner looked like.
Photo credit via, reddit).
This site is only recommended for advanced diving groups under the direction of a dive master.Photo cred - wrecksandreefs Avalon Voyager II Avalon Voyager II is a motor ship from Newfoundland that crashed in 1980.The site is suitable for divers and snorkellers of any experience.Commemorative plaques and lots of machinery to see.Wrecked in October, 1871, the vessel is badly broken up and spread over a large area.An interesting wall dive.24 - dunks point Interesting geological formal including good examples of "pitting" can be found here.GS Watersports, the Tugs #5 on map, depth: 13 m, the Tugs is a collection of four small shipwrecks.The two-masted wooden schooners length was.3 m (119 ft) and the hulls maximum depth was 7 m (20 ft).

Excellent for all divers.
City of Grand Rapids Steamer #2 on map, depth: 5 m, the City of Grand Rapids was a passenger vessel originally built in Michigan.
Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, a collection of freshwater lakes located in northeastern North America on the CanadaUnited States border.
Fathom "Five National Marine Park of Canada".
Divers must follow the special operational policies for this site.(Alice G, Robert K, John Alex, unidentified).Then a sandsucker) Built: Haverton Hill-on-tees, England, 1930 Length:.5 m (182 ft) Depth: 28 m (90 ft) Deliberately sunk by the Tobermory Maritime in May, 1999 as a dive site.Tour boats do enter the Big Tub shipwreck area.13 - charleinch nz pizza vouchers (schooner) Built: Vermillion Ohio, 1867 Length:.2 m (154.7 ft) Depth: 6 to 16 m (20 to 50 ft) The Minch was driven onto the rocks in October, 1898.