sweep someone off their feet sentences

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To make (someone) have feelings (as love or happiness) too strong to control; overcome with strong feeling; win sudden and complete acceptance by (someone) through the feelings.
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Create and share your own word lists and quizzes for free!Mary is swept off her feet whenever she hears a band start playing.The original idiom suggests that when you are suddenly "swept up" in the early emotion of love, you may feel light-headed, giddy, faint.A: He is my English teacher.Example Sentences: The young man wanted to sweep the pretty girl off her feet, so he walked up to her and told her she was the most mommy and me freebies beautiful woman in the world.B: Where did you meet?A: I have a new boyfriend, hes so handsome!As for how sweeping became associated with love, that's referring to the aspect of sweeping that means a smooth movement, not the act of using a broom.The handsome football captain swept Joan off her feet when he said so many things to her at the dance.

To be "swept off your feet" is to be surprised, enthralled, exhilarated.
Critics can be swept off their feet by an epic film; operagoers can be swept off their feet by a beautiful aria, etc.
An example of sweep someone off her feet is when you bring flowers, candy and gifts and take a girl out on romantic dates and she falls head-over-heels in love with you.
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He picked her up (swept her up in his arms) and carried her over the puddle.Example 2: Apparently she met Laurent on a business trip and he swept her off her feet.Your heart is in your throat would be another way of saying it, perhaps.The meaning of "sweep someone off their feet" is: to quickly and thoroughly make someone like you, to charm someone.B: Wow, you should marry him!Ballroom dancers can sweep across the dance floor, a powdery snow can sweep across the barren fields.