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Steam Summer Sale: highlighted daily deals for Thursday, June.
The report says the Steam Fall Sale kicks off at 10 am PST on November 25 and runs until 10 am PST on December 1, while the Winter Sale will begin at 10 am PST on December 22 and end at 10 am PST.
If you want to top-up your Steam Wallet, Best Buy is currently offering 20 percent off on the second card when you buy two cards of the same value.
An anonymous developer recently leaked the starting and end dates for this years summer sale.
This year was no exception.Were going to be listing them all here and updating every day.This year, to optimize the sale for customers and to allow us to feature and recommend your products in more ways to more customers, were asking for just one discount, to run the length of the sale the message from Valve says.Plus, knowing Valve, big sales will probably still be accompanied by games or game-like structures that make them feel eventful.It's not a major change, but it does make the sale a lot more valuable for customers, and it allows us to build sale features that recommend your product all sale long, instead of just during its front page feature.Steam Summer Sale: highlighted daily deals for Sunday, June.But this year's events will actually be a little bit unusual.Daily sales is a fairly self-evident concept, while flash sales are much shorter-duration deals that often offer seriously steep discountslike when the blue light goes off at K-Mart and middle-aged shoppers start throwing elbows to save 80 percent on pillow shams.RIP, Lord of the Sales.

There's also concern that the end of daily and flash sales will mean fewer sweet deals, since developers are unlikely to drop their prices by 80 or 90 percent for the full duration of the sale.
Steam Summer Sale: highlighted daily deals for Friday, July.
The autumn Steam sale is supposed to start this Wednesday, but apparently there's no need to panic anymore; Steam sales will no longer feature flash and daily sales, but instead just flat discounted prices for the duration of the sale.
The least surprising news of the day, and perhaps the year, is that Steam Autumn and Holiday sales are on the way.
If you missed any of the previous highlighted deals, dont worry: they will be discounted for the duration of the sale.Since the dawn of recorded time, big seasonal Steam sales have cooper tires mail in rebate included daily deals that make the whole process downright ritualistic.After rumblings that Valve will be changing the way it conducts Steam sales for the upcoming autumn and winter sales, Eurogamer confirmed it by way of a notice Valve sent out to Steam developers and publishers: Well still be highlighting your top games on the.The change may have to do with how the store page now shows different games to different users, although the suggestion that it's driven by a desire to prevent a tide of Steam refunds has gained some traction on Reddit.I think its better for Steam users overall.No flash sales means no obsessively refreshing the Steam front page to see what's hot.To contact the author of this post, write to or find him on Twitter @vahn16.Paypal followed it afterwards, confirming that today, June 23 is when the Steam Summer Sale 2016 starts.