star trek online spin the wheel mission

Keep spinning until you win some Gold Pressed Latinum.
Reroute power to these systems in this order to fix the replicators.
He will tell you to find Ze'mara near the Dabo table.
He will want you to go to the cargo bay and ann taylor loft coupons printable repair his replicators.(federation) deep space K-7, go to club K-7 on the station and take the turbolift to the lab.This is the correct order to realign the power: Replicators.After that your Bridge Officer will contact you and suggest that you go to Deep Space K-7 (Ganalda for Klingons).Return to Ze'mara and speak with her.The STO Academy's walkthrough for the Spin the Wheel mission.Beam back to your ship and contact Franklin Drake.She will appear nervous and eventually tell you to play Dabo in order to not seem suspicious.Go to her and ask her what you can do to help.

Replicators, environmental Controls, gravirty Control, defense Grid, environmental Controls.
Environmental Controls, gravity Control, defense Grid, environmental Controls.
This is the second episode in the Devidian featured series.
Location: Drozana Station, introduction, travel to Drozana station where you will need to contact Ze'mara to get some information.
Skill Points, expertise, one of the following: Synchronic Proton Distortion Prototype Rifle, polaron Auto-Targeting Assault CritDDmg.Use the map to find the consoles.Polaron Blast Assault CritDKB3.Google - m/b/ /.Beam back to your ship and contact K'men.