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The Federal Government RET scheme is made up of the Small-scale Renewable Energy Target (sret) and the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (lret and is designed to create an incentive for businesses and consumers to invest in renewable energy sources.
Eligibility Criteria your household currently uses a peak (day-rate) electric water heater, or a water heater fuelled by wood and your household does not have a second, off-peak water heater the property is your principal place of residence and you will be installing a natural.
This enabled the couple to reduce their costs by an additional 1,480 (a total saving of about 30).
Veecs are a traded item and therefore the value of veecs will fluctuate over time.
Large energy retailers are required to create and/or source STCs as a part of their legal responsibility and commitment to Australia's renewable energy future.Owners of STCs are entitled to receive a benefit when they create or choose to assign the creation of their stcs to a third party.Regional Victoria Solar Hot Water System installs.Existing gas sweeping the floors open up the doors lyrics system, if you have gas hot water at home or work, you could be eligible if you: add a solar pre-heater to your existing gas/LPG hot water system replace your old system with a solar-boosted hot water system.The upgrade generated 50 Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (veecs which meant that itunes voucher free delivery the upfront cost of the install was reduced by 500.Existing electric system, you could be eligible for an Energy Saver Incentive upgrade to your water system by: adding a solar retrofit kit to your existing electric hot water system replacing your system with a high-efficiency gas/LPG hot water system replacing your system with.

Victorian State Rebate, there are currently 5 Victorian State Solar Hot Water System Rebates on offer.
Installations may be eligible for this rebate if they are; Replacing a natural gas or LPG water heater with a gas-boosted solar system.
An approved 5 star Gas Storage or Continuous Flow unit replaces a decommissioned electric storage heater.
And Benefits for bushfire communities amongst solar hot water adjustments.
The Victorian government has introduced this rebate to help reduce the running costs and carbon emissions caused by inefficient electric water heaters.An approved Electric Boosted Solar or Heat Pump system replaces a decommissioned electric hot water system.Applicants may be eligible for this rebate where; The property is an existing home, which is permanently occupied by an owner or tenant.Installing a more efficient hot water system or replacing an old system can save you money.Adding solar panels to an existing off-peak electric water heater as a retrofit kit.Solar collectors have been installed by a licensed plumber, so that they face between North-East and North-West on the roof, with a Compliance Certificate issued.Victorian Energy Saver Incentive (veet gas Hot Water Rebate for replacement of peak (day rate) electric water heaters.