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John Lewis and Waitrose gift cards, for example, only last for a year, while.
Unfortunately the bulk of the sales seem to be located in the US, though its nice to have a service that caters for international users too.
Every transaction triggers a donation to charity.It does this by converting them into cash or gift cards and sells gift cards at discount prices.Its unlikely that youll receive the full value of the gift card, but then again something is better than nothing.Every time you send a payment, it lets you verify the name of the recipient before confirming the payment so you can be sure you are sending the money to the right person.Just like Gift Card Converter in the UK, CardLimbo also encourages you to send in your old unwanted gift cards so that they can be donated to charity 5 Easy Ways to Be Charitable in the Year Ahead 5 Easy Ways to Be Charitable.They also have other disadvantages, such as expiry dates.The only problem Ive found is that despite CardPools claims that they want to take the service international it seems to only work for US stores or cards with values in US dollars at the moment.

Read More, and this is your only option outside of the US at this time.
PayPal account already set up, they will receive a text or email prompting them to open an account to receive the money.
Millions of recipients found this to their cost following a string of high-profile closures in 2012-13, which included HMV, Comet, JJB and Game.
Or, you don't have time to shop this year?
Gift vouchers are categorised as debt owed by the company, so if it goes bust holders become unsecured creditors who join a queue of creditors looking for their money back.For Australian sellers theres CardLimbo, a service which will buy unwanted gift cards, sell discounted ones and provide a money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied.Did you get a decent price?Administrators can, at their discretion, continue accepting back sweep angle impeller vouchers but this is unusual, at least in the early days of administration.Selling requires you choose your merchant from a very long list, enter the cards value and then decide whether you want to send the card via snail mail or enter the code online.Uncrossed postal orders can be cashed by anyone at any post office in the UK, which is ideal for sending to children.Paym, impress technologically-savvy teens and adults by giving them a cash gift via Paym, the mobile payment service launched last April.Unfortunately there is no guarantee, and CardHub recommends doing deals rosati's coupon code las vegas in person using cash in order to avoid being stung.