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No one is sure.
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And they were right to like it its a funny episode.
"Sweet Fancy Moses!" - exclaimed by Jerry land transfer tax rebate calculator ontario and George when they both are subject to Elaine's horrendous dancing.
97 Reception and legacy edit Elizabeth Magnotta and Alexandra Strohl analyze the success of Seinfeld with recourse to the incongruity theory of humor: "The Incongruity Theory claims that humor is created out of a violation of an expectation."The Fix-Up" (Season 3).The season-long story is that Larry David tries to initiate a Seinfeld reunion show as a ploy to get his ex-wife, Cheryl, back.It ends with a swirl (as opposed to George's unpopular alternative, which ends with a pinch).

After Seinfeld edit Another scene edit On the November 1, 2007, episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld mentioned the possibility of shooting one last scene, after they leave jail.
91 The pilot was first screened to a group of two dozen NBC executives in raffles design international (thailand) ltd Burbank, California in early 1989.
"The Hot Tub" (Season 7).Cosmo Kramer michael Richards ).You know what is funny?"Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes Emmy history".Seems low on the list, huh?Like many two-parters, this one starts to sag when it reaches its second half.