run giveaway

All you need is a prize.
Heres an example of a giveaway from Ticket Master: Its relevant.
You run the risk of people entering just for the iPad and leaving once the giveaway finishes.Its forever 21 gift card number and pin free important to research these hashtags ahead of time to ensure that advance auto parts coupon codes retailmenot the right audience is finding the picture.Are you trying to increase your follower count?Thats more efficient than trying to post something long, as in the above example, as your Instagram caption.Obviously don't run these contests every week or the excitement might begin to dwindle.Promote the Instagram Giveaway on Social Media One of the best ways to use Instagram for your small business is to cross-promote your posts on other social media channels.Incentives for sharing your giveaway or added CTAs on your website will help it reach new people.Be polite in the description so that you seem personable.Easy to set up, run, and replicate.Depending on your location, rules may vary from state to state.

Choose a Prize When it comes to choosing a prize there is one rule bass pro shop military discount 2014 to remember: Choose a prize that ties itself back to your business.
These contests have a high participation rate because they are easy for people.
You will know when someone enters the contest by receiving a notification in your account that someone tagged you in a photo.Depending on which type of contest you run, it may be difficult to monitor if the participants are completing all the required tasks.Social media works best for establishing customer loyalty and increased brand awareness.Heres an example: The picture that has the most likes will win this contest.For example, a bakery may run an Instagram giveaway for National Cookie Day, encouraging customers to take a picture with cookies in order a win a cookie basket.Some ideas include discounts, free items from your business, and gift cards.New accounts are encouraged to explore paid options at least until they can find some traction.Mobile users spend the majority of their time using apps: Consider using platforms that are strictly for apps.Choose the right platform Now that youve decided whether youll run a contest or sweepstakes, its time to figure out where youll host.This could mean standing on a street corner handing out flyers or sending out emails to your well kept email list or adding a hellobar at the top of your homepage.