quartz second hand sweep

The pendulum drive unit would be mounted separate from the movement, on the back of the case.
VH64, size: 10 1/2 height:.45mm, function: 3 hands, day / Date.
All the gearing on the back of the moon dial will need to how to discount postage on ebay be dealt with or removed.Full Calibre Code Search.g.We will be happy to assist you in getting the correct unit.Make sure that you indicate your choice of color when ordering.Your browser does not support the video tag.Compare with common quartz movement (internal product comparison) : VH second hand.30Nm (400 Up).VH65, size: 10 1/2 height:.45mm, function: 3 hands, date.Feature, sweep Second, centre second hand moves in 1/4 second increments, resembles mechanical movements, high Torque.Please email us at or call us with any further questions.

Please remember that second hands are considered optional and are not included in our offer of free hour and minute hands with each movement.
If you decide you would rather stick with a mechanical movement please provide us with the movement numbers off of the back plate of the movement itself.
Also if its weight driven now, the weights will not have anywhere to hang unless you mount them to something just to let them look connected.Eleven of the thirteen second hands shown below are available in a gold, black or red finish.VH61, size: 10 1/2 height:.45mm, function: 3 hands, date / 24 hour.These sweep second hands are for use with American I shaft second hand posts and have.030.Height.4, Width.4, Depth.4cm.If you're pendulum is not too ugly christmas sweater party games heavy (such as a wall clock) you should not have to order the separate pendulum drive.All of our Sweep Second Hands under 5 can be trimmed to a shorter length, except the balanced 10 hand.