quantity discount formula

The (q-delta-1 2 represents the inventory shift caused by the reorder assuming that the lead demand is evenly distributed for rebate tax income the duration of the lead time.
Following the Function statement, a function procedure includes one or more VBA statements that make decisions and perform calculations using the arguments passed to the function.
To add a new function, position your insertion point after the End Function statement that terminates the last function in the Code window, and begin typing.
Visual Basic Editor (VBE), which opens in a new window separate from Excel.
For example, rather than name a macro Labels, you could name it MonthLabels to describe more specifically the purpose the macro serves.At first glance, it might look as if we are assuming a zero ordering cost, but not quite.(2) The delta quantity needs to take into account both the stock on hand q_hand and the stock on order q_order, which gives the relationship delta R - q_hand - q_order where R is the reorder point.You might begin a relatively long block of code with a comment that explains its overall purpose and then use inline comments to document individual statements.

In the Add-Ins dialog box, select the check box beside the name you used to save your workbook, as shown below.
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Now you can copy the discount formula to G8:G13 to get the results shown below.
If you include action code of this kind in a function procedure, the function returns the #value!
The indentation is for your benefit only, and is optional, as the code will run with or without.Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language.Home knowledgebase ยป Here, by Joannes Vermorel, January 2012, eOQ is the purchase order quantity for replenishment that minimizes total inventory costs.To move out (that is, to the left) one tab character, press.The best hotel deal website canada inventory cost is the sum of the inventory carrying cost plus the purchase cost, that is: Indeed, taking an amortized viewpoint over the lead time period, the total quantity to be ordered will be Z the lead demand.