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Do People Really Win?
Encourage friends and family to enter their own pet photos for a little friendly competition.
And if you're like most pet owners, you think that your own pet is the cutest.
Email in your best shot photo to: Grand Prize is being featured on the cover of Pet Connection Magazine.Winners are selected based on a rating formula that includes votes from users as well as input from our judges panel."Pet lovers by nature are always snapping photographs of their furry children stated Rosa Bonbeur, contest chairperson.The pet photo may contain more than one pet but only one picture per household will be accepted to avoid disqualification.To give everyone a chance, we have divided 9 of the 12 months up into areas, and have given cats their own month.We were started by pet loving web designers working from their homes and have continued to work from our homes as the website has grown.Pet Connection will have a judging panel of 3 pet people determining empire state building coupon printable the winners.If my photo is selected for printing how can I give permission to print the photo without making a purchase?Yes, if you purchase one of our Cutest Pet Photo Books and are unhappy for any reason we will gladly send you a refund.Rex Naylor, contest volunteer.

We will on occasion donate our Cutest Pet Photo Books to choice charities.
Our website is now totally controlled by online voting.
You must supply your mailing address in case you win some of the amazing monthly prizes!
Do I Have To Go Anywhere to Collect A Prize?M is currently accepting entries for our quarterly cutest pet photo contest.Is truth contest beatles It True You Offer A Discount to Veterinarians?All pet types are encouraged to enter.The prizes in the contest will be sent by postal mail.Our phones are answered by humans (when we are not too busy) and emails are usually returned in a timely fashion unless they find their way into our bulk folder and are lost forever.How do I know how many votes my photo has received?Although your prize will be mailed to you, we ask past participle of sweep for your permission to use your name and photograph in our marketing efforts.Is the Pet Contest Open To Professionals?