online sweepstakes rules template

If youre not, weve put together a fairly comprehensive article on the subject: No Purchase Necessary Giveaways: Everything You Need to Know.
Title, well start off easy.
You can also include some info as to how not to enter.If youre running a contest where there is some kind of judgment protocol required to choose the winner, youll have to explicitly state how that will work and how entries are judged.Not a good idea.Finally, please understand that you and only you are solely responsible for your promotions compliance with the law and the legality surrounding your promotions.Sponsor As the sponsor of the giveaway, list your company and contact information, including your company name, address, and email address.Again, the sections and its copy provided in this doc will hopefully cover your bases, but do keep in mind that the sections are merely suggestions.If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below and Ill be happy to address them.Privacy, typically, as participants are entering a sweepstakes, theyre exchanging information with you to enter.Hopefully this helps bring a little insight to this unsexy (but necessary!) subject matter.Learn how to generate terms and conditions for your next giveaway, and be exposed to a few sample terms and conditions for reference.There are areas of each section in the template that are capitalized and highlighted, which you should edit to fit your promotion.Giveaways the CAN-spam Act, No Purchase Necessary, etc.) While coupon codes for groupon 2015 this post was specifically written with US law at top of mind and may reference other articles pertaining to US law, even if you live outside the US, you should still learn a thing or two.

As such, it odds of winning jackpot on slot machine would be smart to describe what entrants can expect youll do with this information.
How to Enter, what do participants have to do to officially enter?
It could be filling out a form, their email address, or demographic information.
This is where you give a high-level description of your sweepstakes, including the dates and times of when your giveaway starts and ends (dont forget to mention what time zone).A note on daily and weekly winners Though it can be a bit more complicated, running a promotion with daily winners can be fun and bring an increase in engagement to your campaign.Include the average retail value (ARV) of the prize as well, which might be relevant if you offer the option for the winner to exchange.Terms and Conditions Template: Section by Section.Below are a handful of broken-down sections you can use to build your terms and conditions.Running a Twitter-only sweepstakes?Because of that, asking participants to follow your Twitter handle for a certain period after giveaway is over should be stated in the terms.That will be touched on briefly towards the end of the article.That aside, there are some similarities between sweepstakes and contests, primarily when it comes to selecting the winner.And lets face itwithout rules, theres chaos.