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Resolving "the Tragedy of the Commons" to Achieve Effective Use of Public School Sports Facilities?
A Study on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Based Mobile wimax Initial Entry (Byeong-Tae Ahn and Sang-Ho Moon).3797-3806.
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PDF Review of literatures on Trust Factors Affecting Customer's Purchase Intention on soho seller: S-Commerce Context (Ramona best deals on furniture augusta ga Ramli, Asmidar Abu Bakar and Norshakirah Aziz).2791-2796.
Development of an Arbitrary Precision Mathematical Function Table as an Educational Material in the Web promo codes for shop and ship Era (Tomonori Kouya).4449-4458.PDF Web-Based Disclosure: A Comparative Study between Malaysian and Singaporean Non-Profit Organisations (Sarah Zainal Abidin Shah, Saunah Zainon, Akmal Aini Othman and Veera Pandiyan Kaliani Sundram).4051-4056.On Some Generation Z Teaching Techniques and Methods in Higher Education (Olga Vikhrova).6313-6324.Effects of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation on Job Performance Among the Private Universities' Full-time Faculties in South Sumatera Province (Siswoyo Haryono and Yasir Arafat).5563-5576.Using Stable Sets to Enhance I/O Pre-fetch (Mingyang Guo, Zhengju Sha, Lu Xu).4007-4016.PDF Impulsivity-Related ERP Correlates in Attentional Inhibitory Control under Emotion-Attention Interaction (S.PDF Development and Design of Smart Tide Time (Sang-Hyun Lee).3863-3868.Perceived Positive Change of Mental Patients Participating in the Salutogenic Salon (Junko Sakano, Yoshihiko Yamazaki, Kazue Ninomiya, Kiyomi Ota and Yuki Yajima).305-312.A Grounded Theory Study about Behavioral Characteristics of Students Depending on a Motivation System about Science Learning (Il-ho Yang, Seong-un Kim, Sung-man Lim and Cheong-Hwan Lim).5191-5196.