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Kcbs (jack/fm).0.0, kSWD (Classic Rock).3.0.
Talent such as Dave Randall will be missed.
His grandmother would frequently say to Leon: You take after granddaddy Lance.He has a rumble seat of advertisers who will come with him, in fact, one of his advertisers has been with him for 30 years.In 2001 the station took the kmpc call letters that had belonged to 710 AM from 1930 to 1997.We were migrating from AM and jms online coupon junky transistor radios, over to giant speakers and tube technology receivers.In the eventful year of 2015, the company launched Raey, its own line of men's and women's fashions; Tom and Ruth Chapman stepped back from operations to become Executive Co-chairmen with Ulric Jerome serving as CEO; Rachel Proud was named as creative director; and the.On KFI for.

A friend told Bill that he no longer has to cram all his chores into Saturday and Sunday, since now everyday will feel like Saturday.
He truly seemed like a glass-half-full kind of a man.
Bruce Chandler Sunday Funnies (9.7) LARadio Archives from May 2010 Saga of Michael O'Shea.
Kipper will be taking that program in two weeks to Monday evenings as part of Peters weeknight schedule.
Comedian Margaret Cho attended the services.Potential candidates and show pairings were in and out of kfwb all last week auditioning.He joined the Classic Hits station a year ago, brought up from The Walrus in San Diego by then-pd Rick Thomas.We had all the jocks except Gary Moore use just their first names because listeners told us time and time again that it wasn't all that important that the jocks who played this music as current product, be on Arrow playing it as Classic Rock, wrote.She is going to have fun with this, too.The only difference is that Conway doesnt have a hogantwanger.In 2005, he was made president of the.A.Mistakes will be made along the way as well.Kamp (Top 40/M).9 -.2.I told them I would overnight airline tickets and arrange for housing but wouldn't tell them the format or the name of the station. .