movie contest poster

On a new layer, fill the selection with white (white will help you see what youre doing as you adjust this layer.) Since we want the edges of all of these elements to appear a rough and cox promo code free modem jagged, use the lasso tool to help complete.
Invites you to submit a poster for.
Welcome Back, welcome back for another week of terror and a brand new creative challenge!Sorry, this promotion ended on November 17, 2015.You can totally do this in Photoshop as well!Movie artwork and images cannot be repurposed or re-used in your artwork.Lastly, youll want to add some of the cream texture to the areas youve black friday online shopping usa painted.This will make the area of the apron invisible, revealing the coffee chicago street sweeping ticket layer underneath.The goal being to capture the initial separation of the two liquids.In the Levels Adjustment window, drag your black point from the left to the right until the dark areas around the coffee cream change from dark gray to completely black.Use the Magic Wand Tool again to select the areas of the apron that you want.With that selection active, create a new layer and fill that layer with black.Submit your finished design here!

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You can create an '80s-style poster for a recent film, or design your own poster for a classic '80s movie.
Create your own '80s-inspired movie poster, using at least one photo, vector or illustration downloaded from GraphicStock in your final design.Time is running out!Contest entries are due on, monday 16 November, 11:59pm PST and winners will be announced that week.Create a new layer and select the Healing Brush Tool.Open up the coffee image and use the Crop Tool C to adjust the image so that it is in portrait orientation.This mask doesnt have to be perfect!After another successful photoshoot, we pounded the gallon of coffee that we had just made and promptly lost our minds.The Ultimate '80s Movie Poster Contest!