membrane sweep at 39 weeks

Hi guys, Anyone got any advice please?
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I was only ever 1cm dilated at all of them and ended up being induced on the Friday-Still only 1cm, 10 days over.I had 3 sweeps done from my due date onwards.Had the sweep, within the hour I was having little niggly pains, nothing too much but then about 5 hours later I was into it!Its a bit of an uncomfortable feeling.Had one sweep on due date with first and was induced at 4011.I know it's different with everyone, but I'm just asking for opinions.It helped me to feel like something was actually happening even though I was so overdue.I was a couple of days overdue and as I had high blood pressure they were planning on inducing me on the Monday.Id try it again with any subsequent pregnancies current coupon codes for half com even if its mind over matter, doesnt matter to me as long as it works.I have been having tons of Braxton Hicks, but no contractions, no bloody show, no loss of my mucus plug.But worth it best of luck!I had a sweep done had my baby boy the next morning he is now 3 weeks old.

But it was def worth the try.
Went into natural labour.5 days after my last sweep and still had to use cervidil to help it along cos I wasnt dilating or thining.
Dont count.
I had a sweep done and it hurt like hell!Sweeps only work if it ripe!Not sure if its coincidence or not but only pregnancy I had sweep with with the only one of my children to come without an induction.So it didnt work for.Depends who does.I went to the midwife yesterday (37 wk app) and when booking me in for my next appointment in 2 weeks time (so 39 wks) she said she'd book me in for a double appointment next time and do a membrane sweep while I'm.I did ask if it mattered that that was before my due date and she said not really, and that they tended to try to get them to be encouraged out naturally rather than using chemical inductions.