make a clean sweep example

B) change/make something differenta complete change in a company or organization, often by removing people clean, examples from the Corpus a clean sweep Lismore's minor outfit were beaten 21-14 by Notra, dame to destroy chances of a clean sweep.
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Remove or eliminate unwanted persons or things, numbered gift certificates as in The new owners made a clean sweep of the place, intending to replace all the equipment.Support, keep in Touch.See also: clean, make, sweep make a clean sweep.Lewis, Burrell, and Mitchell made it a clean sweep for the.Times, Sunday Times (2014)European smaller companies completed a clean sweep for small-cap funds against their larger rivals.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha clean sweepa clean sweepa) WINa very impressive victory in a competition, election etca clean sweep for All the polls had pointed to a clean sweep for the Democrats. .
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True to expectations, he fired the managers, one by one.
Note: A clean sweep is also used in other structures with a similar meaning.
See also: clean, make, sweep make a clean sweep 1 remove all unwanted people or things ready to start afresh.Win overwhelmingly, as in Our candidate made a clean sweep of all the districts.China have made a clean sweep of all nine titles in the event, with three more gold medals today.Ireland completed an autumnal clean sweep and came full circle.See also: clean, make, sweep make a clean sweep, common.