legal no contest definition

To ensure that the plea is freely tendered, the court will also inquire whether the defendant has received any threats or promises.
In a criminal lawsuit, no contest is where a defendant neither admits not denies a crime but accepts punishment as though he or she were guilty.
Generally the terms nolo contendere and no contest are used inter-changeably v103 contest line in the legal community.
A second meaning of no contest relates to wills and the intentions of the testator.
Contest, to defend against an adverse claim made in a court by a plaintiff or a prosecutor; to challenge a position asserted in a judicial proceeding, as to contest the probate of a will.One disadvantage of a no contest plea is that it carries the same legal effect as a conviction for sentencing bloomingdales discount code august 2015 purposes.Consequently, a no contest plea is accepted only with the consent of the court, and a judge is vested with discretion to accept or reject the plea.Today the no contest plea is defined by statute and is available in almost every state.Generally, a defendant must also tender a no contest plea knowingly facebook advertising voucher codes and voluntarily.A plea of no contest is advantageous for defendants where the effects of a plea of guilty are too harsh.

The modern no contest plea originated during the reign of Henry IV in England in the early 1400s.
Another procedural advantage of a no contest plea is that it cannot be used against the accused in any civil suit for the same act.
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Thus, a defendant risks receiving the same punishment without the opportunity to offer a defense or a chance for an acquittal from a jury.(See: plea, plea bargain, nolo contendere link to this page: a href"m/NoContest" No Contest /a).The adherence to these standards varies among courts and jurisdictions."No contest" is also used where there has been a "plea bargain" in which the defendant does not want to say he/she is guilty but accepts the sentence recommended by the prosecutor in exchange for not contesting the charge (which is often reduced.A plea of no contest usually is not allowed in death penalty cases.Score Higher on the lsat BAR Exam Today!A defendant who enters a no contest plea concedes the charges alleged without disputing or admitting guilt and without offering a defense.If a legal challenge to the will is pursued, the no contest provision provides that the person bringing the action forfeits the gift or devise.Some courts operate under the assumption that a no contest plea should be accepted in the absence of some reason to the contrary, whereas others require the defendant to strictly observe every legal requirement before they will accept the plea.