ksp variable sweep wing

1, with some features shown in phantom view; FIG.
In this case, a first drive is stationary and drives the wing-support body, and a second drive is supported on the wing-support body and moves the wings between the stowed and deployed positions.
The second time Su-17s would fight the Israelis was during Israel's invasion of Lebanon in June 1982.
There is accordingly a need for an improved approach to moddeals shop online glide bombs and other types of winged weapons such as some types of powered missiles, which further improves their aerodynamic performance.
The winged vehicle 20 in this case may be a guided missile or a guided bomb that has a propulsive assist.In this case, the propulsion system is in the form of a small solid rocket motor, but it may be a jet engine or other operable propulsion system.The spur gear 70 is mounted on a shaft 72 to turn with a pinion gear.In the embodiments of figs.In a preferred design, the fuselage has a nose and a tail, and the first position of the wing-support body is closer to the nose than is the second position.

8 is a front elevational view of a detail of a second embodiment of the engagement between the spur gear and the wing teeth; and.
CC0, uS Air Force F-14A Tomcat, the MiG-23 has since been retired from service with the Russian Air Force.
1 wherein the deployable cantilevered wings 44 lie relatively close to the fuselage 22 when the wing-support body 42 is in a first position 48 along the wing-support-body track 40, and (2) a deployed position illustrated in FIG.
Additionally, pivoting external bracing typically does not have its pivot points on the wing-support body, so that the center of lift does not move in the same manner as it does for the deployable cantilevered wings.6 This was an interdictor and stand-off interceptor similar in function to the F-111, albeit on a smaller scale.In one preferred approach using exactly one actuator, the deployable cantilevered wings pivot about their respective wing pivots in mechanical linkage with a movement of the translating wing-support body.The idea was again revived in the early 1960s as a way to reconcile ever-growing aircraft weights (and thus wing loading ) with the need to provide reasonable takeoff and landing performance.However, as a result of this attack, Yekutiel Adam, a high-ranking Israeli general, was killed.Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov, su-24 bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria.Citation needed Immediately after the war (1949) Barnes Wallis had started work on variable geometry to maximise the economy of supersonic flight.However, it would not be satisfactory for the wing-support body to remain in this forward-most first position when the deployable wings were deployed to their open positions, as the center of aerodynamic lift would be so far forward of the center-of-gravity that the winged vehicle.Claude Carlier, Une formule aƩrodynamique gagnante.