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About half an hour.
Please forgive me for taking the time to painstakingly making sure your skin looked perfect. First and foremost, let me remind you that you were chosen/drawn/picked to receive a free bridal portrait session. About rescheduling your shoot twice: I explained all of this to you and was replied to with: Hi Megan!Enter your kid for a chance to win 25, 's CuteKid of the Year.Now, I may be wrong, but those responses sure seem understanding and perfectly richer sound discount voucher willing. I do not work when I am out of town for weddings, or during family holidays ( aka, Thanksgiving ).I feel so sorry for the hundreds of other brides that put their names into the jar that we could have chosen.I didnt charge you tax, I drove over an hour to the location YOU requested because it was special to YOU, didnt charge you anything for travel, hiked through the woods while pregnant, and gladly snapped away at every idea and whim you asked.Never did I promise your disc would be there on a certain date.If you have a nice camera, you can be a photographer!

Our contest rules are intended to offer fair contests; all submitted photos have an equal opportunity of being scored by our industry judges.
Do not be surprised if you get something like this.
The current reading fee for all contest entries.It really sucks that you now have pictures in which your skin is flawless to show people, instead of the untouched versions.All entries will be considered for publication.A Property of Lifescript, does not guarantee the final prize amount upon redemption.Oh, and Im very sorry about the freebies I emailed you today.Thats fine, theyll look hideous.