keep your hand on the car contest 2016

I kept my eyes on the ground Je gardais les yeux fixés sur le sol.
VT ADV mantener alejado, mantener a distancia the police kept the crowds away la policía mantuvo a la multitud alejada or a distancia keep him away!
Bleiben Sie, wo Sie sind!, treten Sie zurück!; please keep back from the edge bitte gehen Sie nicht zu nahe an den Rand vt sep ( hold back) person, hair, crowds, enemy zurückhalten ; water stauen ; tears unterdrücken ; to keep somebody/something back from.Sorry to keep you.She keeps a diary to remind her of her appointments; He kept the accounts for the club.(LAm) it's difficult to keep up a relationship when you're far apart es difícil mantener una relación cuando se está alejado uno real deals dollar store jobs del otro.For my husbands things, I put them on his laptop (my way of asking him to deal with them).
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She keeps house for her brother.
VT ADV ( exclude ) person, dog no dejar entrar we were kept out of the room no nos dejaron entrar en la habitación to keep sb out of trouble evitar que algn se meta en líos to keep sb out of the way sacar.
Unless you want to live in a constant state of stress and anxiety, its important to accept the fact that some things cannot be changed.He gave me the picture to keep.but its this hamster wheel of clutter that I want to deal with today.After that, read the label on your bottle of car soap for the specific amount to add.Go through magazines and catalogs immediately.Duck dich!, bleib unten!Vt adv keep your hands off!She gives her mother money every week for her keep; Our cat really earns her keep she kills all the mice in the house.