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In the first episode of, eSPN 's new Dunkumentaries podcast, Brown shared an incredible story about being confronted by Jordan after the event.
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By the time the 1991 NBA Dunk Contest rolled around, Michael Jordan had set his sights on bigger discount gucci shoes women's thingshe was already a six-time NBA All-Star, and would win his first championship later that yearbut that didn't stop him from taking issue with the contest's winner.Shot BY estevan oriol 2017.10.17, product, chicago black RED, chicagoans rock their colorway for.18.Brown was so caught up in the excitement of his Dunk Contest win that he didn't realize he had unwittingly sparked a rivalry between Reebok and the Swoosh.Best of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest DVD 2012."You started shoe wars.BE like mike: jordan gatorade, the making of a legend that stems from being true to yourself.That's My Ticket 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Canvas Ticket, Team.

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As Brown recalls, he found himself locked outside in a hotel's alleyway during an after party, but he wasn't alone.
Jordan was also there with security in tow, and decided to talk a little trash (in classic MJ fashion) to Brown, who had famously won the contest in a pair.
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