how to make raffle tickets using publisher

You've found this post, so you already know creating raffle tickets to print out yourself is harder than it sounds.
In the Search control, enter tickets.
If skipped to bottom, then maybe consider trying this online tool to design and print your own raffle tickets without battling with Excel and Publisher!
Please don't let the term mail merge intimidate you.All the way down to (say) 500 rows (to give you 500 unique ticket numbers (If you prefer using the keyboard, rather than the mouse, then do this instead of dragging down: select cell A2, hit ctrlc to copy, then select cell A3 and use.Just do a quick mail merge, and Word will produce 500 tickets each with a unique ticket number." "Honey, step aside, it'll take me about 10 minutes.Select the right printer, if necessary, and print as you normally would.Click "Print" Something like this should pop out of your printer.More about that average sweepstakes odds here.

But you can do it with Microsoft Publisher.
Getting Word to put a unique number on each raffle ticket is easy enough, but persuading Word to print out several uniquely-numbered raffle tickets per sheet of paper is very hard (I think it is impossible, actually.
In Publisher 20, choose Print from the File tab.
Please mention the app and version that you're using.You just need to create a new blank document, it doesn't matter what size because you are going to change the size in a minute.When applying this method to your own work, remember that you can exclude recipients at this point.Near the bottom of the pane, click the Next: Create or connect to a recipient list link.For this merge, click the Merge to a new publication link (.Or use this special online raffle ticket program which is much easier than Word or Publisher!).