how to create a contest tab on facebook page

Facebook's previous Business Page layout was much narrower at 520px.
Send an email blast: Email your customer email lists they will be the most likely to enter and share with friends to help jump-start your contest.
What you makeup revolution discount code january 2015 ask for at the time of entry depends on your goals.
3) Here, you'll need to provide a ' Display Name which is what your "app or tab, will be displayed as on your Facebook Page.
Share a video showing you choosing the winning photo to create excitement.Settings Click Settings on the right side of the editor to complete your contest.(Hint: We've highlighted them for you.).(See step 1 for more details.) Then specify whether you want a wide page tab (810px which I recommend so your content fills the full width of the tab.Select the date/time when users can begin submitting images/videos for the contest.

free international short story contest />

Anonymous voting is based on browser sessions.
You'll also want to get rid of any margin or padding around the body of your content so it's optimized for the space Facebook provides within the tab.
All a user needs to do to enter is to Like one of your photos on Instagram.Make sure all images, videos, etc.The possibilities are endless.App_id your_APP_ID next your_URL 1) First, replace the parts in red in the URL above - your_APP_ID and your_URL - with the ' App ID ' found in the basic settings for your app, and your ' Secure Page Tab URL.' So using my example,.This will make it almost impossible to convert these contacts into customers for your business.Can sig sauer military discount 2012 you spot our tabs?You have now completed all the steps to creating a contest.For Sweepstakes, Sign Up, Photo Contest and Video Contests: Check the field boxes to make them.