how long does sprint mail in rebate take

I received an email stating my rebate is costco gift cards hawaii valid and is in the win a trip for 2 final stages of processing, how long do I have to wait?
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Do no longer count huge variety weekends for transport days, and a telephone ordered on a Friday probable wasnt even dealt with yet.As of today, we are still waiting on the rebate to show up in our mailbox.Mine constantly have taken hotel voucher codes expedia that long, which incorporate the Tmobile one I had.The process is long and annoying.A month goes.Finally settled in Gainesville, FL doing the same work in a permanent position for a global medical device company.Finally he found a happy secure place among the Android community, starting with his HTC EVO 4G and hasn't looked back.

I call and talk to the customer rep, and they feed me some line that we (the customer) needed to have the devices for 30 days before I can even submit the form for the rebate.
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So this information on possible cancellation of the mail-in rebate is more than welcome.Im going to keep the faith, and trust Sprint will get it to me in a semi-timely manner.Make copies of everying in case you ought to mail something, and rebates look to constantly take 8 to 12 weeks to come again.And I like the sound of instant rebate!Click the source for more on the story.HTC Evo Shift, and my son an LG Optimus S, both including a mail-in rebate which totaled around 200.