how long does a contested divorce take in south africa

This helps the attorneys prepare for the next phase, which is the discovery phase.
This can be as quickly as 20 days in Florida and 30 days in Georgia, to as long as 18 months in some states.
Interrogatories are lists of questions that one party gives to another party.
This is when one party asks the other party to provide various documents, such as bank account statements, credit card statements or tax returns.Feel free to plug these paragraphs in where you see fit.The initial phase is the information-gathering phase.Uncontested divorce is an often misunderstood concept of law.The hearing may be requested at the same time the divorce petition is filed or at a later date.Patents, power of Attorney, trademarks, wills Trusts.One method is called interrogatories.By definition, it simply means that you and your spouse rebating in woodwork have reached an agreement and you dont require a judge to make any decisions regarding your children or your property.Considering the amount of paperwork involved and the fact that the judge must review it all in order to confirm that they comply with the appropriate divorce laws and that the agreement is in the best interest of the children involved, the length of time.Incorporation, lLCs, name Change, nonprofit, patents, power of Attorney.

Depositions are when one party meets with the other party or a particular witness and asks them a series of questions under oath.
This is when each side is allowed to request information or documents from the other side.
Youll have to wait out the time he has in which to respond, then wait for the court to schedule a default hearing to finalize your matter.
The answers are recorded and transcribed for possible use later on at trial.References, related articles, relevant links, divorce Overview, check Divorce Pricing.One course that is frequently being used today is mediation, which can often shorten the length of the divorce by months, if not years.Theyve ironed out their differences ahead of time, and they can note this in the divorce petition.Speak with a Local Divorce Attorney about Contested Divorce.Typically, a limited trial can be finished in about one week.At the Preliminary Conference, all the subject matters in the divorce case are identified and, depending how complex the case is, the Court will give it a discovery schedule.Divorces don't always have to be settled in front of a judge.After the Trial, even after a trial, many divorce cases do not automatically end.The purpose of the temporary hearing is to establish orders that will remain in effect until the divorce is final.