hospital discount for paying in full

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It was my job to call their billing departments and ask what their self-pay rates were.
Ive asked for a discount, but they say the rates they give are set and cannot be modified.
When my wife was working as a nicu nurse at a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska we were blessed to have traditional health insurance.For example if you break your arm on the Bronze level and you get a hospital bill for 10,000 but you ask for discount/self-pay rate and they cut your bill down to 5,000, the rest of your bill is eligible for sharing, meaning you have.Your money goes directly towards a need.Click Here To Learn About Medi-Share.With as much money we paid for all of the doctor visits it got me curious how much we would have paid if we were self-pay.Do you believe we would have been given the discount of 396 so far?We chose Christian Healthcare Ministries in-part because of their maternity program.I was about to see if we could get a discount or what their policy was for uninsured/self-pay patients, when she looked at the form again and noticed the note.This alone saved us more money than if we had insurance.About two weeks ago we had another appointment for my wifes pregnancy.Why We Left Traditional Health Insurance I want to start this website off by give you some background information as to why we left traditional health insurance golfsmith coupon code dec 2014 and decided to go with a Christian health sharing plan.When we lost our health insurance in July 2014 and made the move from Alaska to Florida we knew we needed health insurance, but didnt know anything about Christian Health Sharing ministries.

Instead of paying such high premiums and paying such high deductibles, you pay a smaller monthly fee that gets shared with other people who are actually in need of the money.
What really enticed my wife and I to join CHM was their maternity program as well as you could choose whatever doctor you wanted.
So if my wife is a Gold package member, I can be a Bronze package member and pay as little as 45 per month.
Im wondering had we had insurance, would our insurance have paid that bill.What we didnt know was how much we would still pay out of pocket!Many of the Christian Health Sharing companies offer different plans which drivers edge rebate form each have their own benefits.They might put you on hold to get approval or they have a base discount they can offer.It makes paying our monthly share so much easier, now that you actually know you are helping another family as well.Shes a nicu (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse and her current schedule doesnt allow for us to have insurance through her work, Im grateful that she is able to stay home and care for our 1 year old son.We also decided to sign up for Christian Healthcare Ministries in December 2014 as a way to help pay for any of our healthcare costs.