gonna give all my secrets away official video

From all the truth that I've said.
A secret can undoubtedly be considered an urban myth in todays society.
I think we forget how big of an effect our words can have, when they are so easily typed and hospital discount for paying in full uploaded for anyone and everyone to see.
When I say I believe people have lost their grasp on reality, I simply mean that I think society meritline com coupon free shipping has been numbed into a state where they do not realise the gravity of betraying anothers trust, because they do not feel the effects directly.
We need to appreciate the trust placed in us when another shares with us in confidence.And everyday I see the news.Something to get off my chest.In my opinion, this struggle to ascertain who we can confide in, and who is merely involving themselves in our personal lives to egotistically and thoughtlessly further their social standing, is one of the foremost causes of stress and uneasiness in social circles and communitys.My God, amazing how we got this far.

When one takes the leap of faith, and entrusts another person with confidential information, they do it in full belief that they can trust that person.
Something that were like those years.
Who's driving shiny big black cars.Singing straight, too cold, i don't really like my flow, no,.My life gets kinda boring, need something that I can confess.There are few consequences.We need to come to terms with the fact that there are boundaries which we have no right crossing, and things which we have no right sharing.My god, amazing how we got this far.