glencoe field cultivator sweeps

The use of original manufacturer's part numbers are for reference purposes only.
The convex surface also results in a stiffening effect to the wings, in addition to passing soil smoothly over the convex surface without excessively lifting the soil.
Retain Their Width -Full parallel wing win samsung galaxy s4 for free edges Keep Their Noses Pointed -Curved Wing Surface For Strength promo code for costco nutrisystem Curved leading edge for good sweeping action Brackets and Clips come free with Quick Change Sweeps 41 Ultrawing Field Cultivator Sweeps 41 Stem Angle, 3/8" or 7/16" holes for.
This crimped area also helps separate the soil away from the bolt heads.1/4" Material Size Part Number Weight (lbs) 6" QC6BK.8 7" QC7BK 3 8" QC8BK.4 9" QC9BK.6 10" QC10BK.8 11" QC11BK 4 12" QC12BK.2 5/16" Material Size Part Number Weight (lbs) 6" QC6FK.4 7" QC7FK.6 8" QC8FK.9 9".The parts shown are not sponsored, affiliated, nor otherwise connected in any way with the equipment manufacturers named on this website.The use of color on this site does not necessarily represent the manufacturer of the part.41 Klipped Wing Field Cultivator Sweeps 41 Stem Angle, 3/8" or 7/16" holes for both 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" centers 3/8" Holes Size Material Part Number Weight (lbs) 10" 1/4" 41C10BK3.85 12" 1/4" 41C12BK3.5 Will fit these machines: Deere 1000 7/16" Holes Size Material.Weight (lbs) 4" 3/16 cC4A3.3 outdoor survival contests 4" 1/4 cC4B3.8 6" 3/16 cC6A3.5 6" 1/4 cC6B3.1 7" 3/16 cC7A3.6 7" 1/4 cC7B3.3 8" 3/16 cC8A3.8 8" 1/4 cC8B3.4 9" 3/16 cC9A3 2 9" 1/4 cC9B3.5 10" 3/16" CC10A3.

Replaces John Deere.
The Ultrawings optimal crown configuration is an important factor in the sweeps design that assists in maintaining the original shape of the pieces entire edge throughout the life of the sweep.
To ensure even wear, the edges are carefully forged straight.
3/8" Holes Size Material Hole Spacing Part Number Weight (lbs) 1-3/4" x 11" 1/4" 1-3/4" CC134-3 1 2" x 11" 1/4" slotted CS4.75 2" x 11" 3/8" 1-3/4" CC33 2 2" x 11" 3/8" 2" AC72 2 7/16" Holes Size Material Hole Spacing Part.For even more strength, the neck of the Ultrawing of the sweep where the stem and wings intersect.Terms of Use, privacy Policy, sitemap.Great for heavy applications hard-facing CAN double THE service life!Conventional sweeps, nichols conventional field cultivator sweeps have a long reinforced nose which provides for lasting penetration.