gilt city voucher refund

He did not really expand on this but it appears that australian free paid surveys Gilt City serves only as support to the Facebook deals; the point of sale is handled by Facebook only. .
Refunds are available for unredeemed vouchers for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.
Which folks over at Facebook, exactly, are going to help us out?
The contact details for the relevant vendor can be found on your voucher.What is the return policy?I was using the same email address in both cases, wizard101 promo codes 2014 so I emailed back and optimistically asked the Gilt Support team The ones in Facebook I no longer have access to in FB because I disputed them surely you have all this information under.I look at my credit card statement and notice something strange, and email them back stating that: I see two refunds so far, there should be three of them (there were four vouchers, of which I was able to use one so there should.Now just Billy replies Please note weve forwarded your email to our Customer Support Manager here at Gilt City.(Regardless, the legality of not refunding someone for deals is uncertain as anyone reading TechCrunch could attest to!) but a bit confused since there wasnt a lot of information I could get in terms of being able to know if my refund was in process.We are sorry to hear you accidentally purchased the wrong location for_.According to our records, the refunds for the two _ purchases were applied to your American Express ending with.At this point it has all become a bit of a curiosity for.

There was a limit of two per person, and I bought two 40 of food for 20 coupons.
Let me know what info you need to look up my account and I can assist.
It also indicates how potentially hazardous it is for a non-customer-service oriented company/publisher like Facebook to be drawn into an area where deep customer service is required. We have no records of the other 2 purchases for _ and you would need to contact Facebook Support for further assistance.Because the 3rd voucher was ordered through Facebook, they could not access the records/receipt of purchase.If these purchases were not made through Facebook please provide an Order ID and we would be happy to further assist you.Any extensions and alterations to this agreement are at the discretion of the vendor.Tod also mentioned to dispute the vouchers through Facebook, which we had already done back in May.My assistant took the lead on actually resolving all of this, so I gave her the 100 credit of course.Called 15 times, spent.5-4 hours calling, explaining the situation, and emailing.So at this point, presumably I have received two refunds for deals Ive used and have been very upfront about (and it seems Gilt had no idea that Id already used these weeks before ) and were there to be any way for Facebook.In the meantime, Facebook launched their own deals with friends initiative.