flight vouchers

Vouchers can only be issued in euros.
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It is not possible to extend the term of the voucher toby discount vouchers 2017 beyond the expiry date or to redeem it for cash.
The voucher code is linked to an internal account which we maintain and which you can access with the voucher code.
Eurowings accepts no liability for typographical errors in the email address of the voucher recipient and shall not issue replacements for lost vouchers or voucher codes.Vouchers may only be used for private purposes.Get up to the minute flight travel alerts, city pet solutions coupon code guides, maps, directions, local weather and events, but also in-airport guides with information on dining and shopping!Store all your itineraries in one place.Flight status and up to the minute travel alerts.Be ready to go with Travelport ViewTrip Mobile.Additional luggage) RAD 10 / 9 / CHF 11 / 11 / CZK 270 / SEK 98 / NOK 90 / PLN 43 / HUF 3,098 (per booking, not per person and per journey) 10 / 9 / CHF 11 / 11 / CZK 270.Resale of vouchers without the prior approval of Eurowings is prohibited.The winner will be the image with the most likes when the competition closes on 31st October.Local weather and events, city guides, maps and directions, view and add your own activities to your trip itinerary.Eurowings reserves the right to freeze voucher codes or require an alternate payment type in the event of a scam, attempted fraud or other criminal actions related to the purchase or redemption of a voucher.3 pairs/boards per person) incl.

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A voucher may only be purchased online.
Popis, looking for things to do while on the go or in the airport?
In-airport activities and vouchers, parking spot reminder, currency converter.To prevent fraudulent use, we recommend keeping the voucher in a place not accessible to third parties, as anyone may use the voucher code to charge a booking to your balance.Booking changes are possible within the scope stipulated by the Eurowings General Conditions of Carriage (GCC).In appreciation, ParkCloud (the company behind ParkVia) is celebrating throughout October with a month of positivity and smiles, and wed like to invite you to join us in spreading the joy far and wide!In the event that the voucher purchase is revoked, we will invalidate the voucher code you received and reimburse you for the value of the voucher.Features: All your upcoming trips in one place.By letter, fax or email ) within 14 days without giving any reason.Purchase and validity.