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In this second case, that account either might be an actual account that belongs to another bank customer or what does omni sweep do it might not be an actual account, and the money is sitting there until the bank figures out what to do with the money.
You Could Have Your Refund.
Incorrect Bank Information in Direct Deposit Section of Tax Return.
If your direct deposit information does not match your actual bank information, call the IRS right away to request that your direct deposit be canceled and your refund be converted to a check.
Under the Quick Links section) Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota No income tax Tennessee (Call (800) 342-1003, toll-free within the state.In this situation, the IRS will send the tax refund to the bank account shown on your tax return.Site Menu, start Preparing Your Return Now and e-file by January.If you filed your tax return, and the Where's My Refund app shows that the IRS sent your refund, but it still hasn't shown up in your bank account, then maybe the IRS sent the refund to the wrong account.Learn More, previous, next.Some of the reasons for delays include: Processing Backlogs, refunds often take longer to process when the IRS is receiving higher than normal volume of tax returns.Refund Inquiries Regarding Incorrect Routing or Account Number.Perhaps you or your tax preparer made a mistake when entering this data?

M is up to 64 Less Than TurboTax and H R Block.
What to Expect for Refunds in 2016, IRS.
You will likely also need to contact the bank to see if the bank can reverse the incorrect direct deposit.
Simply deduct the m fee from your federal tax refund.
refunds involving the adoption tax credit are processed refunds in about 14 weeks, as the IRS performs additional processing and verification of the adoption credit.non-resident aliens may have to wait up to 6 months to receive their refund if they claimed a refund of taxes withheld on Form 1042-S (.Wondering where your state tax refund is?The bank doesn't refuse the deposit, and the refund is deposited to the mistaken account shown on your tax return.Via the IRS Web site, using the.Common Reasons Why Federal Tax Refunds Can Be Delayed.