eating contest ideas

Ogle a belly-busting sample of restaurant eating challenges around the country.
Cupcake Eating Championship is held in the city of Waterloo each year, and the competition is fierce past years participants consumed over 660 cupcakes total.
Place the pies on a table and tell your children they cant touch the pies with their hands, but to have fun eating!You will have to make your childrens pies first.You can easily remove the pies with a butter papa johns free delivery promo code knife.Don't Fall For This 'Property Bros' Scam.Skip Ad, the next papa murphy's coupon code 2014 time you think, "I can't believe I ate that much!It's a good idea to organize a concession stand that can sell food and drink to your captive audience, and a standard 50/50 raffle is always how to post a poll on facebook a popular money maker you can run on the side.

Other contests are purely about quantity, like the Nugget Rib Cook-off World Rib Eating Championship.
Have a taste for the outrageous?
Food, who finished in 48 minutes.
take heart in knowing that it was probably nowhere near as much as these super-duper-supersized portions.
Dia De Los Muertos Taco Eating Contest.To be safe, have paramedics on hand in case of an emergency.Related: 11 Cupcakes (Almost) Too Cute to Eat.When it comes to choosing your food there's virtually no limit on what you can choose: pies, cream cakes, hot dogs, jelly and ice cream, steak, it really is up to you and your group.For your next fundraiser why not opt for something that's always interesting to watch?Some driven eaters like the famous Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, are known throughout the competitive eating world and hold multiple competition titles.Get A Sneak Peek At Joanna Gaines's New Cookbook.And while shoveling 60 franks in your mouth as fast as humanly possible doesnt exactly sound appetizing, there are a few contests out there that actually do sound tasty (if not stomach-ache inducing).