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Before I finished high school, I had already worked at four radio stations and one TV station: wpeg-FM and, wEGO in Concord, wctu-TV (Channel 36) in Charlotte, wmap and, wIXE in Monroe, where I first learned about the magic of Top 40 from "Brother" Dave.Rodriguez Edward Soto Eric.Alan Atkinson Bob Baal Jean-Pierre Bardet Mary Barley Harlan.A final tangible tax return must be filed for the following year denoting the disposition of the assets and as of what date that change occurred.Hari Shroff, national Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering.Moore President CEO R on Stayton Chief Development Officer Sara Greene Director of Development, Major Gifts Marena Costa Senior Accountant Cindy Castelblanco Director of Marketing Integrated Communications J essica Parks Interim Director of Education and Volunteer Services Carlos Simoes Director of Membership Services Corey Davis Information Technology.To be assured their gifts will be used for the purposes for which they were given.Wnow (country) and PD at wqxa-FM (automated Top 40) in York.To be assured that information about donations is handled with respect and confidentiality to the extent provided by the law.At that time, the size of TV broadcast gear required a "crew" to do much of anything, but a creative radio guy could do everything by himself.In 1974, Gary Burns wGNG, wfec, kafy, wham, others) asked me to move to Pennsylvania.

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The stations did well, Gary went on to other things and I went back to JCC in a role where my programming skills were only solicited at the very end, when only a single 1KW AM was left.
Same products, same prices, same service.Board Councilors, with an engaged and diverse Board of Directors, Zoo Miami Foundation is able to be an exemplary organization representing not only the needs of Zoo Miami but the community of South Florida.On Facebook on Twitter, annual Winners,.Starting in the mid-sixties, Zoo members spearheaded a campaign to include plans for a bigger, better zoo on the Miami-Dade County "Decade of Progress" bond issue.On Halloween, 1978, I was hired as PD and morning guy for kroi-FM in Sacramento (96.9 sister station of the legendary 1240 kroy.Osheroff Bio Eliot Pedrosa Bio Aliette.Fernandez Senator Anitere Flores Jim Fowler Tina Furniss-Roe Pamela Garrison Gerald Grant.