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ALFheim Online, after getting out of SAO, Kirito finds that a shopko printable coupons few hundred players, including Asuna, are now trapped in another virtual reality game, this one called ALFheim Online (and fairy-themed).
I guess I should watch it, huh?
T.H.E.M Anime Reviews, 4 Stars So swords seem like a pretty big deal in SAO, right?
Lambent Light This rapier is Asuna's final sword in Sword Art Online.Still, we recommend you how to discount postage on ebay just watch that first season - it's only 35 episodes at around 24 minutes each.Plus awesome fight scenes.This story is still ongoing, so you should probably get watching if you want to know how it ends ( hint: it's gonna be good ).Yeah, but what IS it?It is intense, humorous, sad, romantic, the complete package.Also, if you die in the game, you die in real life.Kirito jumps into the game to find out what's happened and rescue Asuna and the rest - where he loses the advantages he had in SAO.The only way out - as explained by SAO creator Akihiko Kayaba - is to reach the 100th floor of the game's tower and defeat the end-game boss.Basically that new shirt but ten times more epic.

But don't worry - we can simplify it for you.
And Kill la Kill, if you're not already watching.
Also like that sword, the long sword is made by Lisbeth and it hailed as her greatest masterpiece.It's only seen in battle during the last episode of ALO.Here, he's a complete newbie, with no knowledge of the game or skills to speak.That's about 15 hours - you could easily watch that in a single weekend (and you'll be glad you did).When a new virtual reality mmorpg takes Japan by storm, something strange happens - a series of mysterious deaths occurring in the real world that may be connected to the game.Where can I go to watch it?It's great and insane and epic.Teaming up with a sniper called Sinon, he enters the game and becomes Kirito once again - only this time, his avatar is female.I knew we'd get there.