dark and stormy night rain sounds

I love you guys.
I folowed the instructions and selected rain and then added the stored curve and bingo the rain sounds utterly real and just like it is actually happening outside!
Back at it again with great rain!
This is so amazing to tackle stress I can't even describe!
Sometimes it's quite difficult to maintain focus.It makes you return to those days you were. I am in love with the low rumbling noises and it really helps when I have a huge headache. I have trouble sleeping. Try it while you're listening to sad songs I just discovered this and I can tell I will be using it a lot I use this to meditate during exam periods, especially since I'm doing my gcse's this year.So relaxing and sweet. Porch, pond, rocking chair, summer rain I can't study in complete silence, but music can be distracting. I was born of summer monsoons in the desert - and this sounds just like that.Thank you These generators are an absolute savior when I'm stressed at work. esmr fans and chasers will love this setup. This is great! Nothing like a good rain storm to calm me down.

Together they are Beautiful!
Absolute Rain is my 'Go To' noise generator.
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Relax, and enjoy the ride.
I just want to say thank you for creating such an incredible website.Not only that, but I can listen to it at home and relax, dreaming and thinking of all those good memories that Rain brings.Being able to open up a second browser to layer on a different sound (Indian Drone) adds a whole new layer to it as well.I don't know what simple mobile coupon code 2015 I'd do without it! Like many of you whos comments I read, I Love this website! Instantly feeling better and getting a little sleepy.It helps me get all of my school work done.This is what I've been waiting for my whole life 3 The kind of rain.It feels very comforting to listen to when I feel lonely and when I want to relax.Sometimes when I get sick of the heat I listen to this and it relaxes.