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On any cast iron engine part, If it works most of the time, you are doing as well as anyone, better than most.
But what I really like is the Miller people that I know will help me when I need help.
Boat owners will not put up with ugly welds or welds with a bunch of sanding or wire brush marks.
You housing choice voucher program atlanta ga seem ambitious, and I wish you all the good fortune in the world.There are some companies making the switch to uphill flux core mig.I am trying to weld a quarter panel of a nissan altima.If your machine doesn't show volts, here is one idea: If you have access to another machine that you know the settings for or If there is another machine nearby that you know settings that work well, and if both machines are set up with.Please help me out!

In short, makes the weld look like ass.
Just waiting for the feedback on the x-ray and FPI test.
Should I give up?This link has free info for tig welding mig welding and stick welding.Flux core is not as good on really thin sheet metal like you find on car bodies.There are 4 main drawbacks.1.Thanks very much for your question.