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Chimney fires can cause property damage the least usually being a cracked chimney pot.
Why does my chimney smoke?
A clean chimney is a safe chimney.Initially, millionaires give free money just burn newspaper as this will create a lot of heat quickly and will move the air upwards.Du hast noch keinen Account?These should always be used in preference to putting chicken wire on the pot.You should never burn wet or unseasoned wood the main reason for this is as the gases rise up your chimney stack, the moister in the gases condensate on the inner walls of the chimney stack and set as a hard tar.3 To avoid smoke damage, Each time the fire is used, soot will accumulate up the chimney.Please don't use you home vacuum as you will probably blow soot all around your home.At the time of the service, the engineer will check the draw of the chimney and, if there is a problem sweeping the chimney will almost certainly be necessary.You will also need a high powered vacuum that is made to catch all the fine particles of soot.There are different reasons why your chimney may smoke.

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Cold air up the chimney.
(which is important for the draw of your chimney.
If the appliance was fitted before the chimney was swept clear of all soot then that too will fall and cause a blockage as will bird's nests.If you still want to clean your own chimney you will need a selection of brushes that are suitable for your chimney and a set of lock fast rods, these are used so they don't unscrew.Vollständiges Profil ansehen, blockieren, link zum Tweet kopieren, embed this Video.Wood stoves voice finalist season 6 should only be fitted to well insulated flues, and must only burn well seasoned wood so that the moister content is down near 25, ( that's room dried wood ) and then they must be swept every three months when in use.Twice a year for appliances burning Domestic Bituminous Household Coal.