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Chimney sweepers advert, why chimneys needed sweeping?
Everyone loves a fire in the hearth crackling on a frosty morning.
Children as Chimney Sweepers, the, victorian society was not a classless society, nor was it free from evils like child labour.Children could do Chimney sweeping better than adults because they were so small that they could enter the chimney to clean.The Victorian era had features utterly different from any other era.Have your chimney professionally checked once a year and cleaned when necessary.This new act imposed a 10 fine on the defaulters.Many of the children died or received serious injuries in the chimneys either getting stuck or falling great distances.Their small bodies and frame made them the perfect size for entering and cleaning the chimneys.Its very gratifying and keeps us striving to do the best we can for each and every customer.

But shortest dunk contest winner unfortunately, it was not enforced.
With fireplaces we clean up inside the smoke chamber and smoke shelf (where most of the time the damper rests) and of course the fire box, removing soot cote gift vouchers and ash.
These inspections are often required for homeowners to receive insurance coverage on their unit.
However, the act did not have a substantial effect because it imposed only a small fine on the defaulters.Then everything that was not in everyday use would be taken down, including the curtains and the pictures.wETT stands for Wood Energy Technical Training.) It is the only chimney sweep training recognized by insurance companies.Some of the chimney stacks were so narrow that it really was an impossible task for the majority of adults.Chimney sweeps are also featured.When a sufficient amount builds up in a chimney, a fire hazard exists and the chimney needs to be cleaned.Main reason for this was, post the sweeping, lot of clearing and cleaning up of the house was needed.