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Nfpa ) recommends a yearly inspection and cleaning and repairs done as necessary.
Inspecting Your Chimney, now that the chimney is clean, we can accurately see the true condition of the masonry, mortar, flue liner, smoke chamber and firebox (see the diagram to the right).
Q: If I have been told that I have cracks in my bc hydro rebate program chimney liner, can I still use the fireplace?
A: Chimney fires are usually caused by the accumulation of creosote in the chimney.
We also check the chimney cap and crown, and look for signs of animal/bird intrusion.This is our standard chimney cleaning process, which usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete.Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Nexus Chimney Services.Q: What is a chimney liner?Q: If I have a small crack in one of the panels in my fireplace, is this dangerous?Have our certified chimney technician install a high quality, stainless steel chimney or furnace flue cap that is guaranteed for life.It accumulates in the flue over time and is highly flammable.We can get you scheduled fast!Creosote is especially likely to accumulate when wood is not burned at the proper temperature.

This could be due to a chimney not having a cap or due to cracks in the crown of the chimney.
There are many different styles of chimneys and woodstoves, and there are different cleaning methods for each of them.
Sparks from a burning fire could escape into the surrounding areas of the firebox and cause a house fire.
We then proceed to clean the damper housing and entire firebox including side, rear and inner hearth (floor).
We want to service your residential home, townhome, apartment, or condo chimney, fireplace, wood burning stove, gas logs, and dryer vents.Rebuilding the entire chimney liner is a one way to ensure a safer home, but it's also the costliest, and requires extensive demolition to the existing brick.When you make an appointment, you can expect us to be reliable and prompt.The chimney is there to get rid of the dangerous gases and wood smoke from your home.We then clean off the smoke shelf of ash, loose soot and debris that has accumulated.