chances of winning the powerball in indiana

The lottery does not fine or ban players from playing the lottery, Stroud said, but it can withhold a prize and/or revoke a retailer's ability to sell walgreens promo codes free shipping lottery tickets.
The top prize drops back to 40 million for the next drawing Saturday night.
The odds of a win with your 2 ticket: Grand prize: 1 in more than 292 million 1 million: 1 in almost 11 million 4: 1 in about 38 if you match the Powerball only.Match 4 of 5 white balls plus Powerball prize increases to 50,000!"We found out an employee or relative of the store owner was playing the store Stroud said.Powerball is played in 44 states, plus Washington,.C., Puerto Rico and the.S.

Retailers across the state have sold 11 of all grand-prize-winning tickets in the past 25 years, according to Multi-State Lottery Association numbers.
Gallery: Top 20 luckiest lotto retailers in Indiana Kenney shared her findings with the lottery, including Top 20 lists of frequent winners.
The payout reached a record.6 billion - the one and only time it has crossed the billion dollar mark.
Enhancements to Powerball include: Faster growing and higher average jackpots.If the pot doesn't go up before the 10:59.m.Stroud said the investigators do find fraud and wrongdoing, with some players cashing in tickets for other people, so they can avoid paying back taxes and child support, which are garnished by the lottery.The Hoosier Lottery said people can report fraud on their security hotline.Only one of those big payouts, a 536 million jackpot, came last year.